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Thread: [SOLVED] Upgrade from ZCS Open Source Edition to Network Edition License Error

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    Default [SOLVED] Upgrade from ZCS Open Source Edition to Network Edition License Error

    From what I have read, upgrading from the Open Source Edition to the Network Edition is straightforward. Just downloading the network edition, extracting it, unpacking it, and running I have done those steps.

    Running outputs:
    Operations logged to /tmp/install.log.10270
    Checking for existing installation...
        zimbra-ldap...FOUND zimbra-ldap-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
        zimbra-logger...FOUND zimbra-logger-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
        zimbra-mta...FOUND zimbra-mta-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
        zimbra-snmp...FOUND zimbra-snmp-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
        zimbra-store...FOUND zimbra-store-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
        zimbra-apache...FOUND zimbra-apache-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
        zimbra-spell...FOUND zimbra-spell-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
        zimbra-proxy...NOT FOUND
        zimbra-archiving...NOT FOUND
        zimbra-convertd...NOT FOUND
        zimbra-cluster...NOT FOUND
        zimbra-core...FOUND zimbra-core-5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8
    ZCS upgrade from 5.0.14 to 5.0.15 will be performed.
    Checking for available license file...
    ERROR: The ZCS Network upgrade requires a license to be located in
    /opt/zimbra/conf/ZCSLicense.xml or a license previously installed.
    The upgrade will not continue without a license.
    Your system has not been modified
    New customers wanting to purchase or obtain a trial license
    should contact Zimbra sales.  Contact information for Zimbra is
    located at
    Existing customers can obtain an updated license file via the
    Zimbra Support page located at
    I have requested the trial license, but from the documentation I should be able to just install it. I am running on ubuntu 8.04 lts based linux.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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    Welcome to the forums

    I still believe you will require a eval license file to upgrade and enable the NE features.

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    Yes, I just found out as soon as they sent the trial license, the instructions provided with the license said that I needed the ZCSLicense.xml before installing.

    Hey do you guys think you can package those instructions with the NE download or make them available through the site. It would clear up some confusion when someone downloads the NE edition and attempts to install.


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