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Thread: [SOLVED] Ubuntu 9.04 upgrade

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    Default [SOLVED] Ubuntu 9.04 upgrade

    We'll start with "yes, I know I was stupid" and get that out of the way. No need to pile on.

    I upgraded my Ubuntu Hardy Heron installation to Jaunty Jackelope. ZCS was working fine on the HH installation. Doesn't now. And no, I didn't back it up. Personal calendar that I would like to keep, but no company was harmed in the upgrading of this product.

    1. Is there a way to backup or export the calendar at this point (brute force? MySQL extract?) before I try the next step.
    2. Is the upgrade path to reinstall Zimbra?
    2.1 If so, will my existing data still be in existence when I reinstall?

    Pretty much all I want to do is get Zimbra working again on the new Ubuntu, but it is so new that I am not seeing much of use. And it needs to be ZCS, NOT the desktop, because it is the server that is not working at the moment.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forums

    It would help if you let us know what errors you are seeing ? First things first! Shutdown ZCS completely eg. make sure no zimbra processes are running; and then backup /opt/zimbra. Easiest route, once backed up, would be to re-install using HH and then recover ZCS using Wiki :: Restoring FOSS version.

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    dugjohnson Guest


    Error(s) are basically page not found, errors.
    Thanks for the back up information. I will go through your suggestions (although I am on the road right now...the itinerant developer) and appreciate the follow-up.
    Because of where I am I can't tell if it is running or not, but as long as I am reasonably confident that I am not going to lose a lot of data, I will probably just restore as you suggest (once I am backed up).

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    If you want to do it quickly then build a new server running Hardy, give it the same hostname and ip as the old one, install the same version of Zimbra to it so you know the pre-reqs are met and then copy /opt/zimbra from the broken server onto the new one. (make sure zimbra is stopped at both sides of course)

    That should get you up and running, it's unlikely that the upgrade would touch any part of zimbra, it's more likely just changes enough to upset it, if you have the time to look for the cause of the problem that that would be better, but I see no reason why a 'box swap' would not make the problem go away.

    [EDIT: I should have read uxbox's post a little closer as he's said the same thing! ]

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    Actually that/those are better ideas. I've been thinking of migrating servers anyway for Zimbra and just hadn't wanted to go through it (it was working, etc.) I'll just do that. Thanks.

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