We'll start with "yes, I know I was stupid" and get that out of the way. No need to pile on.

I upgraded my Ubuntu Hardy Heron installation to Jaunty Jackelope. ZCS was working fine on the HH installation. Doesn't now. And no, I didn't back it up. Personal calendar that I would like to keep, but no company was harmed in the upgrading of this product.

1. Is there a way to backup or export the calendar at this point (brute force? MySQL extract?) before I try the next step.
2. Is the upgrade path to reinstall Zimbra?
2.1 If so, will my existing data still be in existence when I reinstall?

Pretty much all I want to do is get Zimbra working again on the new Ubuntu, but it is so new that I am not seeing much of use. And it needs to be ZCS, NOT the desktop, because it is the server that is not working at the moment.
Thanks in advance.