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Thread: Existing LDAP + Mailbox on NAS + LDAP Aliases

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    Lightbulb Existing LDAP + Mailbox on NAS + LDAP Aliases

    I'm installing Zimbra 5.0.14_GA_2850 On Debian 4.0.

    We currently have the following mailing system:
    • Postfix
    • OpenLDAP -slapd- 2.4.11-
    • Mailboxes on NAS via NFS
    • Courier Imap.
    • Webmail using Horde

    I wonder if there is any how-to or any documentation on how can i manage to configure Zimbra in order to read/write mailboxes on NAS and to use active OpenLDAP structure.
    We plan to use IMAP/POP/Webmail/Postfix/etc. from Zimbra, but not LDAP.-

    Any help will be highly appreciated. =)


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    Default cannot use external LDAP server just like that..zimbra needs its own LDAP to do all the stuff..its one of the core components which stores lots and lots of information about zimbra as a system.
    * you can use extermal authentication using your own LDAP/AD but you will still need zimbra LDAP

    zimbra is a full collaboation suite which has "all" the things you needs installed under /opt/zimbra..

    in short you cannot use your own ldap and completely get rid of zimbra ldap

    i dont think so using NAS for storage (/opt/zimbra/store) with zimbra is the best option due to performence..if you search fourms its not advised to use NAS (NFS)

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    Thanks for your reply !

    I would also like not to have all the mailboxes on the NAS but it's currently not easy to use. I'm interested on using LDAP for authentication purposes only so that would be great.

    Do you have any clue of where to start configuring it that options ? I have already installed it with all components by default, but don't have idea where to start.


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