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Thread: Moving from a dedicated Server to a VMWARE esxi environment

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    Default Moving from a dedicated Server to a VMWARE esxi environment

    hi all,

    We are looking at doing a migration from dedicated servers to a vmware solution for our aging old servers.

    I will being a backup of my zimbra install and port it over to the vmware solution we are going to get....

    What are the potential problems i can face ?

    Anyone using VMWARE ?

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    There should be no problems running on ESXi or moving to that platform (I use ESXi for my server). Obviously the same hardware and RAM requirements will apply to you VM. If you intend to host multiple VMs on the same server as Zimbra I'd suggest you plan your move in detail and make sure you have enough NICs to cover expected traffic and configure any VLANs before you move Zimbra to it.

    I don't know if you've already looked but there's some good information on the VMware forums for advice on performance/sizing your new host server.

    I forgot to add that any of the forum or wiki articles concerning the move to new hardware would also apply to this situation.
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