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    How can I deactivate/close an account with zmprov, I can't seem to find the syntax anywhere. I want to close it, and then delete it after a time period, rather then just deleting them immediately.

    Another question, does Zimbra have any way to handle these things automatically? Is there someway I can set it up to move inactive accounts to closed, then to deleted after another time period? Or do I just need to script this externally.

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    You'd need to script any change from inactive to closed to deleted if you want to do that in any automatic fashion, after making an account closed you could run a cron job that deleted closed account but you'd obviously need to be sure it's really due to be deleted.

    You'll want the following for closing the account:

    modifyAccount(ma) {name@domain|id} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]
    zmprov ma name@domain zimbraAccountStatus closed
    The ldap directory schame is here: 5.0.15 Directory Schema - Zimbra :: Wiki and in the Zimbra directory for the current version of openLDAP as zimbra.schema


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    Exactly what I was looking for, I am now trying to script it, it doesn't appear I can get the closed date from zmaccts, any way to get that info? Is there any timestamp info when admin actions are done on an account?

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