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Thread: 32bit to 64bit on CentOS 5.3

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    Default 32bit to 64bit on CentOS 5.3

    Making the move from 32bit to 64bit. Both machines are running CentOS 5.3 if that makes any difference. I've read over the guide at Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server - Zimbra :: Wiki but I noticed the version is 4.3.x. Does this guide still apply for say 5.0.15? I had followed Moving ZCS to Another Server » Zimbra :: Blog when moving from one 32bit machine to another 32bit machine and it worked perfectly.

    Can I simply install 5.0.15 NE on the 64bit box w/ the -s flag, sync over the data from the 32bit machine, change IPs and be done with it?

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    No you can because OpenLDAP database have a different format between 32 and 64 bits.

    There are several threads on the forum with additional explanations of "how to do such migration".

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