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Thread: New Installation recommendations

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    You can do pretty much everything via the CLI tools. Which means you can script pretty much everything. Just write a script that creates the user, gives them access to the shared calendar(s), shared folder(s), shared task list(s), and so on. That way, the first time they login, they'll have everything already setup for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpbuse View Post
    I work for an advertising agency... so worse case always applies! My users have 15GB quotes are still complain.

    Did you compare the total sum of the space used per each account (against their quota) vs. the actual filesystem used ?

    I've just compared on one of my servers (130 users, 9 domains).
    Sum of "data per account" is 73 GB
    HSM usage is 50GB
    /opt/zimbra/store is 18 GB

    It's not that impressive because 80% of the data (80% of 120 users actually) was imported (PST import or imapsync). And the "smart attachement storage" doesn't work on imported data (it's not as smart as full deduplication)... If you start from scratch and/or import only a little amount of data and/or have users in the same domain, it's much more impressive.

    You can use "zmprov gqu servername" to get all the users quota and actual used space.

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