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Thread: Custom certificate problem with 5.0.16

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    Default Custom certificate problem with 5.0.16

    Hello everyone,

    I have run into a problem with 5.0.16 and custom, self-signed certificates. When trying to customize my certs, I edited the /opt/zimbra/conf/ file and made the changes I needed... to no avail.

    After hours and hours of pulling my hair out, I still could not get any of my settings to take effect. I started digging and I found that the /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcertmgr script actually has the certificate settings hard coded into it and it doesn't even look at the (or file!!

    In particular, this line:
    SUBJECT="/C=US/ST=N\/A/L=N\/A/O=Zimbra Collaboration Suite/OU=Zimbra Collaboration Suite/CN=${zimbra_server_hostname}"

    The only way I was able to get the values I wanted in my cert was to manually edit the zmcertmgr script and change the SUBJECT variable to reflect my settings.

    I'm pretty sure this is NOT how it is supposed to work. I have not ruled out my own stupidity, but I honestly just couldn't get it to work otherwise.

    I am using RHEL 5.3 32-bit with the following Zimbra Open Edition package:

    Has anyone else seen this behavior? Can someone more familiar with Zimbra look into it -- this is my first attempt with it and this was very frustrating.

    Thanks to all in advance,

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    Yep - that sounds just like it.

    I added my findings to the bug report and voted for it.

    Thanks for pointing it out.

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