ZCS-5.0.10 GA - running on Ubuntu Linux

I was attempting to set up a temporary server to migrate to. I installed Zimbra on the new hardware and in the process I attempted to change the hostname by using the zmsetservername command on the new machine. Well, I'm not sure how but this has messed up the production server. I cannot get the mailbox service started. I'm seeing the following error in mailbox.log.

Could not find an LDAP entry for server 'hostname.domain.com'

I did not do a new backup as I had no clue that Zimbra on a completely different machine could modify something on my production server. I do have a backup from a couple of weeks ago. Nothing as far as user accounts has changed since that backup.

Also, I should not that I'm seeing the "NO SUCH SERVER" error in zimbra.log

May 28 11:33:20 mail4 zimbramon[10849]: 10849:info: zmmtaconfig: gs:hostname.domain.com ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_SERVER (no such server: hostname.domain.com)

Thanks for any help.