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Thread: Testing w/out killing existing mta etc

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    Default Testing w/out killing existing mta etc

    We have a fairly vanilla mail setup - postfix, cyrus-imapd, spamassassin, openldap, etc...

    I would very much like to try out zimbra, but cannot blow away production system...

    What is the best way to get zimbra to coexist? The main piece I want is the web client plus calendaring...

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    Default what I did...

    Pretty much same scenario here - I added transports to postfix'

    transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

    then to the transport file added:

    # test user on zimbra box smtp:[]
    #everyone else smtp:[]

    That way, postfix forwards mail to zimbra users to Zimbra. Then in Zimbra, you forward all mail to your postfix MTA server and let it decide where it should go... Internet, other mail server, etc. If the user is local to Zimbra (e.g. testuser and testuser2), Zimbra will hang onto it.


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