Hi there,

I am lost in very weird problem.
When I decided to switch completely to zimbra I had an Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit box. So I followed this post to get zimbra 5.0.1 to work. That was very fine for the moment but now I have some new requests to my server. I am going to run it on a virtual box (not XEN like I tried - You may want to read my old post but I am going to use VMware server or ESXi if I can get it to work on my box).
The first thing is, I would like to use the latest LTS version being Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Right now I'm not shure wether I should take the 64 bit or 32 bit version but I think the 64 bit version won't be worse than my early try on ubuntu 7.10 The second thing of course I would like to get the latest stable release of zimbra (5.0.16).
To sum it up I will move from bare metal Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit with zimbra 5.0.1 64 bit to virtual (VMware server or ESXi) Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 64 bit with zimbra 5.0.16 64 bit.
I found a really good wiki page describing a similar scenario. But the differences in os are too big and so it is a bit useless for me, also I don't have enough spare time to migrate this version from Centos to Ubuntu.
There are some other wiki pages describing how to migrate from one box to another but one thing in common is, that you need to have two times the exactly same version of zimbra installed (on the source and the target platform). The main problem I see is to get a zimbra 5.0.1 installed on the Ubuntu 8.0.4 and then copying all the settings of the currently running server to it (i. e. it uses smtp auth). After that I could update to zimbra 5.0.16 which shouldn't be so hard. One more condition is, all user accounts, documents, address books, calendars, emails and so on have to be migrated too.

Some more background for interested readers
The now running bare metal box will hopefully be strong enough to be used as my virtualization platform.
Although there are only a few users using the server I cannot stop running zimbra for more than some hours. This means I have to set up a virtual box and zimbra on a second machine. I have to pimp my DNS resolver to use this one as my MX. Naturally I also have to change the FQH for the web interface of zimbra so every user automatically uses this on next DHCP refresh. If all that is done I will be able to reinstall the server with a very plain Linux to become the host for VMware server or with ESXi. Than one guest will be running zimbra. Another guest will be a firewall. A third one is to become a file (samba and nfs) server, local web server for running tests, DNS and DHCP and so on. Just a very usual server but splitted into three virtual boxes. The very important thing for me is to have a seperate box for zimbra so hopefully backup will become very easy to me. Furthermor this will offer me the chance to clone a box and try upgrade before using them in "production" - yes folks, I spent a long time in a very very conservative company - but I like this way of thinking .
These things are only some administrative tasks which don't strongly belong to the topic but which I wanted to mention in case of someone is interested in the whole scenario.

Thank You very much for standing my bad english in reading the very long post.
Of course any suggestions are welcome!