I have a trial license and was hoping to figure out how the archiving works before the trial runs out..

but I guess I am not meant to figure it out on my own

Where/How do I get the archiving to show up and how do I use it?

I found some PDF from August 2007 on this page:
Zimbra email archiving, discovery, and search for corporate governance, SOX and HIPAA compliance.

"The core archiving component is enabled via the command line interface, and the associated Zimlet is now bundled with the ZCS Network Edition - For more information about ZCS Archiving and Discovery: "

I am trying to set this up for others to use that are not wanting to use the command line.. and the above text leads me to think that this can be setup without ssh'ing into the box. Is that not true?

Under zimlets I have:

all are enabled except for com_zimbra_local.

Simply what should I do to enable it, and then what functionality should I expect after enabling it?

Thanks in advance.

(this is the version that I am running.. )