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    So I am currently running ZCS Professional Edition on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS in an ESX environment. I keep running into an issue where after a week or so one of the java processes starts pegging the CPU. It is a single server deployment and I am looking to try and optimize the stability and performance.

    I was thinking of migrating to a multi-server deployment to spread the load out and also help trace down which component is causing the headache's. I was going to just use the same Ubuntu distro since it is the standard in our environment but then figured I should maybe investigate other distro options.

    So my question is, are some distro's more stable with zimbra then others? If I go with SUSE, RedHat or CentOS am I going to see better results running ZCO? If it doesn't really matter I will probably stick with ubuntu but we do have a few CentOS 5 boxes in the environment I have to support anyway so I wouldn't be against RH or CentOS.

    What do you guys think?

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    We are currently running on SuSE 10 Enterprise 64bit. Right from the start everything worked fine - except that I did make two hughe mistakes:
    1. installing the SuSE on VMware fusion first and migrating afterwords to ESX
    2. not properly installing VMware tools

    We only found out by running into serious performance issues (server load, memory) when we had some more accounts on the server.

    By now my SuSE is running perfectly fine and I did not really have to touch the server since 3 months.

    70 users, 175 GB of data (mail storage+index+backup), SSL & IMAP services

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    So I am gonna guess that it really doesn't matter which platform...ok maybe a different spin...

    On Ubuntu is it better to do full virtualization or paravirtualize the Zimbra Server?

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