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Thread: Mixing open source and professional domains on a single server

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    Default Mixing open source and professional domains on a single server


    I am planning to implement a multiple domain zimbra solution for my clients. Some of my clients require the Blackberry/Outlook integration and thus I will be purchasing the Professional license. However, a few clients will not require this feature and will not be paying for the Professional or Standard licenses.

    What I would like to ask if it is possible to have a mix & match type of setup where on a single server I will have the user domains with professional features and others with a free/open source features.

    Many thanks for any help


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    it's not possible to mix and match FOSS/Network accounts in this fashion. Once you deploy a network license you will need a license for each account that is created because features like cluster/backup/hsm are global across all accounts. You can have a subset of those accounts licensed for mobilesync.
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