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Thread: Moving Zimbra

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    I just don't understand these "copyright" issues your having. If you're logged in as root you should not have any permission issues copying/rsyning the files.

    How are you accessing the Zimbra server? From a windows machine using putty?

    Can you run the following command (replacing /path/to/usb with the mount path of the usb drive):

    rsync -aHK /opt/zimbra /path/to/usb
    Then can you post the exact output of the command here.

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    I think I may have answered my own question... I was trying to drag the folder from the SAVED drive to my USB drive... maybe I should just do a copy of the zimbra folder and a rsync to the usb drive and then do the same on the new server...

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    Alright folks,

    I finally got back to the office to try this stuff... Keep in mind I'm still learning this Ubuntu Linux stuff and it's not so much fun. LOL

    I have managed to get somewhere. I'm assuming because I was not actually trying to complete these commands via "root"

    BUT here is what I have got so far... I have manged to go into the terminal window... do a "cp -Rp /opt/zimba /media/saved/" it creates a zimbra folder with all the stuff in it...

    Thru the gui NOT the terminal window I have learned that my usb drive needed to be formatted to ubuntu. I try to drag and drop the zimbra folder created in the command above to the USB drive. It gets to 39 seconds left and says: "Error while copying "local" more details state " error opening file: no such device or address " so I chose to skip it then I get the same error for a "maildrop" skip again then I get it for "trace" then "defer" then "bounce" then "rewrite" then "smtp" then "lmtp" then "virtual" then "uucp" then "ifmail" then "relay" NEED I go on.............. I am logged into the gui as ROOT... I'm almost there. I have tried to google this error but dont' seem to get much of anywhere? PLEASE help!

    Thanks for your time.


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    Default Spool files?

    These maybe some type of spool files which I believe are sockets. They are of a virtual nature if I understand spool files. So you can probably go ahead a copy everything else. If you are copying for archive reasons, take note that your file permissions will probably not carry forward.

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