An odd one this, and I've tried and tried to work it out but I'm failing miserably.

Short version: daily system report emails are being sent to the address rather than to

More info. When I installed, I remember the install complaining that it didnt have an MX record configured, but the default address it was looking at was (I accepted this the first time and it all went wrong, so I started again from scratch) so I change that entry to just and it all works fine, but it seems that the server is confused about what it's own email address is.

This means that the daily reports were ending up stuck in the queue, as a work around - I've configured an additional domain in the admin console and added an alias to my account so the mail can be routed correctly, but of course I'm more interested in a real fix.

I recon theres a config file somewhere that needs editing, but I've looked at quite a few and so far Ive not found anything that looks right.

I hope I've managed to explain this well enough that someone can help.