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    Default External LDAP

    For several months now I have been using an external openldap server for authentication. Working great. I have disabled the user's ability to change their passwords, as we had been working on a centralized spot for users to change it.

    Since then, I have been receiving requests from the users to allow for the password changes to happen on the zimbra server itself. Now, I could have sworn that I remember reading that it doesn't work that way, but I figured I would test it out.... So I tried with my own account. Enabled password changing, and tried...

    The result was that it did NOT change my password on the external (as expected), but it DID create a new password for me! SOOO now I have two passwords... One from the external LDAP, and one apparently locally stored.

    So it's a muilttpul question... Is there anyways to change external ldaps passwords via zimbra (even any zimlets in the works?)?
    And... how do I go about removing this annoying extra password? For security reasons, I really dont want two working passwords..


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    Anyone? Maybe it's possible to move this to a different section?

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    I guess you might want to add your vote to this: Bug 6353 – Unable to change password when using External LDAP authentication

    Bugzilla is always a place to start looking for RFEs and outstanding/fixed bug reports, you can keep an eye on the Product Portal for release targets for bugzilla entries.


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