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Thread: [SOLVED] Multi Server setup clarification please

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    Default [SOLVED] Multi Server setup clarification please

    Apologies if I have missed something here, but I am a little confused about the requirements of a multi server setup. The confusion relates to the placement of the MTA component.

    I am using ZCS 5 Community edition.

    Is the following setup correct?

    Server1: Proxy Server Component, MTA Component
    Server2: Everything else except Proxy and MTA

    Or do I need the MTA component on both servers?

    Thanks in advance

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    MTA on one server is enough.
    You just need to be sure you have the correct rights (firewall) between the server.

    OTOH, zimbra-proxy is not needed when you have a single mailbox server.

    If it's about DMZ (and reverse-proxying), I'd rather put (in DMZ):
    . a http(s) reverse proxy
    . a SMTP relay (that will allow spooling when your ZCS goes into maintenance)
    Both can be on the same server/VM.

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    Thanks for the clarification.

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