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Thread: Cbpolicyd error in - 6.0 B2

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    Default Cbpolicyd error in - 6.0 B2

    I'm using BETA2 software and I have same issue of 38560 Bugzilla ticket but in bugzilla don't have the solution.
    Can I donwload the correct to resolve this issue??

    PS:This is the ticket in BugzillaBug 38560 – cbpolicyd section in breaks zmmtaconfig)

    Currently, there is a section for cbpolicyd in that is causing
    zmmtaconfig to not function. It constantly logs:

    Mon Jun 8 15:52:10 2009 Unknown line format section cbpolicyd
    Mon Jun 8 15:52:10 2009 Unknown config type !SERVICE for key cbpolicyd

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    you can simply edit /opt/zimbra/conf/ and remove the SECTION cbpolicyd and everything below it.

    or change
    if SERVICE !cbpolicyd
    if !SERVICE cbpolicyd
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