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Thread: Index & Store on NFS

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    Default Index & Store on NFS

    Has anyone successfully run zimbra with the index and store redirected to an NFS mount?
    1+ Year on Zimbra

    Release 6.0.6_GA_2330.RHEL5_64_20100505193959 RHEL5_64 NETWORK edition.

    RHEL 5.3 - After complete and utter Ubuntu 8.0.4 failure.

    Hardware Information:
    AMD Dual Core 2216 x2
    16GB of RAM
    425 GB (6 disks) of RAID 10 storage
    3ware + Seagate SATAs

    Virtual Server as emergency system using rsync.

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    Wiki :: Performing Tuning GuidelinesSpecifically the section about disks.

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    Yes. it is possible .. if using the network version you could cluster it by running " -c active" but you cant have multiple active mailstore servers accessing it at once which is pretty crap.

    Or for both opensource & network versions, create your directory structures i.e. "/opt/zimbra/store" before installing zimbra and mount them to your NFS mounts.

    However i think you would be better off mounting "/opt/zimbra" to your NFS mount. I think this would avoid alot of future problems in the event that either your store or index mounts should fail, lock etc. If this were to happen you would probably end up with a very unhealthy and unhappy zimbra server.
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    No, nobody has successfully run a Zimbra installation of nontrivial size for a nontrivial period of time with /opt/zimbra over NFS. index and db are guaranteed to perform poorly and break eventually.

    store, maybe, but I don't see the point. iSCSI works fine, and most NAS heads support iSCSI, too.

    If you require a mail system that deals with NFS issues, look for a maildir derivative. UW-IMAP, Cyrus, and most commercial email packages just say no. There exist carrier-grade email systems that are designed to work as load-balanced clusters over NFS, but the tend to be feature-limited.

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