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Thread: [SOLVED] Internal server and external server

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    Default [SOLVED] Internal server and external server

    Hi all,

    I'm new to Zimbra (and also linux), I've read a lot of message/config/ ... but I don't understand where I'm wrong.

    I want to create an internal mail server (mail.server.local) that donwload message from the "true" external mail server ( Is it possible ? How ? With Fetchmail ?

    Sorry if the question is the same of other but I don't understand how do it...

    Please help me

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    Yes it is possible! I'm testing the same Zimbra setup here and it works well.
    You must set your external mail server as mail relay in Zimbra and use fetchmail to get the mails.

    To set the external server as mail relay go to Zimbras admin interface.
    In the server section choose your local mail server and than click on the MTA tab. Here you can set "" as your mail relay.

    Most ISPs are also need SMTP authentification. I used this howto to configure zimbra:
    To start you need to enable SMTP authentication on outbound messages: $
    postconf -e smtp_sasl_auth_enable=yes

    Next is to create a text file mapping which name/password should be used
    for each given outbound destination:
    $ echo usernameassword >
    opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password this is one line

    Create a postfix lookup table
    $ postmap /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password

    Test that the map is okay
    $ postmap -q /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
    that should return usernameassword if done right

    Make postfix use the above
    $ postconf -e smtp_sasl_password_maps=hash:/opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password

    Almost done. Two more changes to postfix and then we can send mail
    externally. We need to change the port we listen on. This is most
    important for people who use an ISP that does not allow the use of port 25
    to listen to ( [i]this is most important for Rogers customers in Canada)

    postconf -e
    Your ISP might want you to use another port, so check with your ISP for an
    alternate port.

    Restart postfix by entering this

    postfix reload
    A simple fetchmail howto i used with ubuntu:

    1. install fetchmail (sudo apt-get install fetchmail on ubuntu/debian)
    2. if not exist, create the file /etc/fetchmailrc (with sudo > /etc/fetchmailrc)
    3. chmod 0600 /etc/fetchmailrc
    4. modify /etc/fetchmailrc to look like this

    set daemon 600 # sets the poll interval to 10 minutes

    poll proto pop3 #for pop3
    auth password
    user "" pass "password" is "" keep
    user "" pass "password" is "" keep

    5. To use fetchmail in daemon mode modify "/etc/default/fetchmail" and set "START_DAEMON" to "yes"
    6. sudo /etc/init.d/fetchmail restart
    This should help you a little bit to configure your Zimbra server like you want it.
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    Thanks so much for all, now it works fine !!!

    Have a nice day

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