I'm planning to move our zimbra installation to a new server (from 32 to 64 bit). Here's the details:

old (production) server: 5.0.12_GA_2790 running on RHEL 4.7
new server: RHEL 5.3

I've found some wiki articles -

Ajcody-Notes-Server-Move - Zimbra :: Wiki
Moving ZCS to Another Server » Zimbra :: Blog
Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server - Zimbra :: Wiki

These articles link to each other, and contradict each other at certain places. So, I emailed zimbra support. I was told to use the first article, that zimbra has tested the procedure, and that it works even on a move from 32 to 64 bit.

So, following that procedure, I'm trying to do a "dry-run" of the migration. Here are my steps:

1. Took an rsynch of the /opt/zimbra directory from the old, prod server to an external drive
2. Installed bind on the new server, to answer queries for my domain and set it up to use this local bind for resolving
3. Took the new server offline (ie unplugged it from the network)
4. Gave the new server the same network/hostname info as the old production server
5. Did a software only install on the new server of the same version of zimbra (ie ./install.sh -s)
6. Removed the zimbra directory and re-added it (rm -rf /opt/zimbra, mkdir /opt/zimbra)
7. rsynch'ed my backup from the external drive into the /opt/zimbra directory
8. Ran the zmfixperms script on the new server
9. Ran another, full install on the new server (same version as step 5) - ie ./install.sh with NO -s

The install in step 9 goes through till the end, then throws an error -

"zimbra system failure: unable to lookup server by name: [ldap: errror code 49 - invalid credentials]"

So, the install is a bust as ZCS can't get to it's config in ldap. I quit the install. I run "zmlocalconfig -s | grep pass", and see the ldap passwords. I try to run an ldapsearch locally on the machine, and I get another "invalid credentials" error. It seems that the initial, software only install (in step 5) is setting the ldap password, then when I rsynch my backup into /opt/zimbra, it's putting another ldap password in there.

However, after the install in step 9 fails, zimbra's slapd is running, and I try running an ldapsearch against it using both the ldap password from the software only install (step 5) and the ldap password from the rsynch'ed backup in step 7. With both passwords I get the "invalid credentials" error".

While waiting for a reply email from zimbra, I've had a couple days to dig through the wiki/forums. I found a forum post -


which discusses a quite different procedure (appears to be related to a previous release of ZCS). However, the procedure is similar to the one above except it involves dumping/restoring the ldap seperately (via an ldif file).

So, I'm basically stuck. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.