Hi all,

I'm installing Zimbra 6 RC1 Open Source, i wanted to show my boss Zimbra is the best solution for our mail system.

I'll try to explain our current situation and then i'll try to explain what i've tried and what did i get to do.


  • One IronPort on the DMZ (SERVER 1), getting mails for one public domain "example.com" and delivering them to an internal server. This IronPort also delivers all mail out.
  • One postfix (SERVER 2) on the internal network which is configured with LDAP and translates all mail into the correct hostname according to the "MailForwardingAddress" and "MailHost" of LDAP servers.
  • One IMAP/Postfix (SERVER 3) servers on the Internal Network which receive mail from the above server and delivers it locally.

So, if an email is sent to @example.com from the outside or inside, mails get to SERVER2 and this server translates the original_to address into something like "user"@localhost.localdomain (from internal network DNS), where mailhost (localhost.localdomain) is Server3. So far all mails get to go through SERVER2 who makes the translation, internal and external ones too.

In order to demonstrate my boss how zimbra works he wants me to put our mail boxes under Zimbra, without any modification to the other users of the same domain.

So I then installed two Zimbra servers and at first decided to create a domain by the name of "example.com", the external fqdn hostname. The thing was OK, webmail showed email address perfectly and email between people IN ZIMBRA was OK, but of course, whenever you tried to e-mail someone from the same domain who does not live in the zimbra server we got an error message. Neither i could receive messages. I couldn't get to set Zimbra to relay ALL MESSAGES (even the ones that where sent to his own domain) so the addressess get translated OK.

So then I renamed the domain in order to have an internal hostname (localhost.localdomain) and configured SERVER2 to deliver mail according to the new local hostname. I was now able to send and receive mails from people of the same fqdn domain, but emails where sent with an internal hostname address.

Also Zimbra doesn't acept mails from SERVER2 for our users on Zimbra.

I really don't know what is the best configuration for my scenario and I'm starting to get confused about how can I demonstrate Zimbra in a production basis in my network.

Any Ideas ?

Thanks in advance.