We have installed Zimbra open source (Release 5.0.14_GA_2850.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 FOSS edition) but the customer just hates the web interface and wants to go back to Outlook. So we want to upgrade them to the Prof. version.
I see in the wiki it says:
On recent versions it may be possible to take a backup, then just run the NE .install.sh over your FOSS instance, with a purchased license handy. You should choose the same version of NE as you are currently running on FOSS for this transition to minimize other variables."
From the way I read that I should be able to just upgrade the installed and running server. Someone how ever told me this can not be done and I would need to install on a different server.
Can someone tell me can I just .install.sh over the running server to do this upgrade on the same hardware and not loose anything?