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Thread: Getting Relay Access Denied Errors

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    Sorry, I only have one domain on my Zimbra server and have never played around with adding additional domains, even for testing purposes. I know a lot of people use Zimbra for multiple domains, and I think it is fairly straightforward to setup.

    You may want to start a new thread with questions about multiple domains. I have a feeling it might get lost in the shuffle here.

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    Default Local ISP/ IP Could also be the problem


    I too was facing this Relay access problem. And on checking the records found that it can also be a possibility of the sender's IP Address can be a cause that is being rejected by the Recipient's Server.

    As some of our Users were using some Static IP & some users used USB Connection with Dynamic IP.

    So by white listing your serder's IP (or ip Range of service provider) this may be resolved.

    NOTE: am not a major service provider but a user and the above solution was suggested by my service provider

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