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Thread: resolv.conf keeps changing by itself

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    Default resolv.conf keeps changing by itself

    ok, got through getting BIND to work more or less right, but now I am getting a perpetual problem with resolv.conf being constantly rewritten.

    I do not have Network Manager installed, nor do I have anything related to dhcp, such as dhclient, dhcp-client, dhcp3-client or any number of other dchp-related cat things that are mentioned in every article and post on this subject that I can find.

    I've grepped the whole server (except for /dev and /sys) for the IP address that whatever-it-is keeps inserting, but the only files that contain a reference to this external DNS server are the BIND (named) config files, and it is made clear in a number of places that not only does BIND not touch resolv.conf, it doesn't use it either.

    Does anyone know of any other package that messes with resolv.conf?
    - Misty

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    what linux flavour you are using u did not mention
    i have seen this happening due to DHCP..

    simple google search comes out with many answers
    resolv.conf keeps getting rewritten!! -
    rewrite of resolv.conf -
    [Solved] resolv.conf question [Archive] - The FreeBSD Forums

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    RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.3.

    There are no DHCP packages installed at all, I have removed dhclient and confirmed that there are no dhcp or dhcp-related packages installed on the system using the command:

    yum info dh* | grep installed
    - Misty

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