I have built a CentOS5.3 x32 / split DNS / Bind9.3-Named system for Zimbra 6 beta 1. System works very well.

I am currently configuring a CentOS5.3 x64 system / split DNS / Bind 9.3 in preparation for Zimbra 6 RC1. So I have some battle scars and have learned some lessons regarding split DNS configurations for Zimbra setups.

I think I am loosing my mind on this one.

Here is my story.

I installed CentOS5.3 x64 net install with all pre req's for Zimbra.

Networking wise the system is running well at this point as all DNS resolutions are being resolved by my ISP.

So I change
/etc/hosts as required by zimbra
/etc/redhat-release as required by zimbra (not sure about this one but did anyway)
/etc/resolv.conf (nameserver 192.168....) and deleted ISP's nameserver

I have verified the above info after reboot.

reboot reboot again

dig mx mail.x-x.com and nothing found... as expected.
dig a nothing found
start firefox, can not resolv!

yeah, i am ready to start DNS and configure bind-chroot

I start DNS config via gui
Initial startup says no config found, create default?
I respond yes.

I add my mail.x-x.com zone records and configure my mail.x-x.com.db SOA records.

I have not added my forwarders at this point.
I have not added allow-query at this point.

I start bind. /etc/init.d/named start [OK]

dig mx x-x.com is resolving with my ISP.
dig mx mail.x-x.com is resolving with 192.168.x.x - my DNS server.

I am at a show stopper here for Zimbra because x-x.com needs to resolve with my DNS server not my up stream ISP.

The kicker here is i have not added the forwarders yet to my DNS global options. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how the hell is dix mx x-x.com resolving with my ISP and when I start firefox it is resolving too so that I can surf to yahoo.com. Remember, I have not entered my forwarders yet.

Any ideas/help?