Zimbra was working just fine on FC5 until I changed the hostname (with that script floating around the forums) and upgraded to zcs-3.1.2_GA_445.FC4. This is the error I get:

Restoring existing configuration file from /opt/zimbra/.saveconfig/config.save...done
Operations logged to /tmp/zmsetup.log.26774
Setting defaults...Setting defaults from existing config...Done
Upgrading from 3.1.1_GA_394 to 3.1.2_GA_445
Sat Jun 3 20:07:11 2006: Stopping zimbra services
Sat Jun 3 20:07:14 2006: Checking mysql status
Sat Jun 3 20:07:15 2006: Starting mysql
Sat Jun 3 20:07:16 2006: SELECT value FROM config WHERE name = 'db.version'
ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock' (2)
Error while running '/opt/zimbra/bin/mysql --user=zimbra --password=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx --database=zimbra --batch --skip-column-names'. at /opt/zimbra/libexec/scripts/Migrate.pm line 134.

Is there any way for me to backup my mail, completely erase Zimbra and start over? Is there something I should do to fix the error? Thanks.

/tmp/zmsetup.log.26774 is empty, btw