I know that as of Zimbra 6.0 GunsNRoses, Zimbra dropping openSUSE from supported distro list and will only provided binary installer for SLES 10. As openSUSE and Zimbra user, it was a bad news anyway, but I understand the reason behind this decision (lower installation amount compared to another distro). I donít want to leave openSUSE as second-class citizen on Zimbra community so Iím trying to make Zimbra running well on openSUSE 11.x (and SLES 11) although it was not officially supported. After a few trial and error, I could make Zimbra 5.0.X and Zimbra 6.0 RC1 running well on openSUSE 11.1. To make it as simple as it can be, I build the openSUSE+Zimbra bundling called Zimbra Appliance.

Zimbra Appliance created by SUSE Studio tools and contains openSUSE JeOS with Zimbra and any dependencies packages.

Zimbra Appliance will make an installation process a lot easier than manually installing package and make changes to some configuration files.

I prepared the appliance with 2 edition and 3 variants for each edition. The Standard Edition contains openSUSE JeOS as base OS with additional bundled application including DNS Server packages, Zimbra auto install script and Zimbra binary installer. Itís size about 630 MB. Another edition is Lite Edition, contains openSUSE JeOS as base OS with additional bundled application including DNS Server packages, Zimbra auto install script but without Zimbra Binary Installer.

Each edition has 3 variants for deployment & implementation. VMWare & VirtualBox image for virtualization, ISO Image for standard installation using live installer and LiveUSB for handy installation image.

Technical Specification

  • Based on openSUSE JeOS ver 11.1
  • Include default package for network package (Ping utilities, wget and w3m)
  • Include Zypper & Rsync package. Zypper for extending package installation, Rsync for transfering data
  • Using latest Zimbra stable 5.0.18 (also tested with Zimbra 6.0 RC1 with a few changes on binary installer name)

DOWNLOAD (Mirror are welcome)

Index of /zimbra-studio

HOW To USE (for VMWare or VirtualBox)
  • Download the Zimbra Appliance for VMWare with vmx.tar.gz extension,ex : Zimbra_openSUSE_Standard_Edition.i686-11.1.5.vmx.tar.gz. If you would prefer to used the lite version, please download binary Zimbra installer version 5.0.18 for openSUSE from this link : Open Source Edition Downloads: Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Software by Zimbra.
  • Extract or decompress into specified folder. Please make sure that you have full access into the folder
  • Create a new OS on VMWare or VirtualBox with RAM more than 512 MB (recommended : 1 GB or more depending your amount of email account). For harddisk, choose to use an existing disk and take the vmdk file from your extract folder.
  • Starting VMWare/VirtualBox Application
  • For initial boot, Zimbra Appliance will aksed for hostname and IP Address. Enter your hostname with fully qualified domain name (FQDN, ex, hostname : mail, domain : vavai.net) and IP Address. Make sure the option ďChange HostnameÖĒ has unchecked.
  • Login with user name : root and password : opensuse or username : opensuse with password : geeko
  • Change to folder /opt/zimbra-auto and start the installation script
    cd /opt/zimbra-auto
    sh setup-en.sh

Please refer to : Zimbra Appliance with openSUSE 11.1 : VMWare/VirtualBox Image for the update of Zimbra Appliance.

Hope this post useful for anyone who wish to install Zimbra on top of openSUSE. I would also updating the Appliance if Zimbra 6.0 GunsNRoses has been officially launch.