I left a running FOSS 5.0.2 / Ubuntu 6.0.6 ZCS server some time back in the US and moved myself to the Caribbean. Now I have managed to recreate and bring the server back on line here through rsync and long hours of poring over forum and Google listings. In the process of setting things up here (Roatan, Honduras), I first tried a NAT setup. Now I am on a public IP. Any hints about security I should look into?

In the process I used zmprov to modify ports, trying to get ZCS to use port 81 for webmail. Now I need to correct other ports that I changed in the process, back to the default settings.

Once I've accomplished that, it's time to upgrade. Should I try to move from 5.0.2 to 5.0.18 in one step, or several?

I know my post is all over the place. I'm semi-retired at 60, and this stuff isn't as easy as it was once.