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Thread: [SOLVED] ZCS 6.0 - zmlogger service using very high CPU

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    Default Zcs 6.02

    I just upgraded from 6.01 to 6.02 and had the install process add back "zmlogger". I am happy to report that the high CPU issue appears to be addressed. My stats and daily admin email came through this morning and the CPU utilization on 6.02 with zmlogger appears to be about the same as 6.01 without the zmlogger process. I attached the CPU load average graph. I did the upgrade around 6:30pm last evening (thus the spike) but you can see the CPU utilization after the installation is very good.

    The only issue (not a big deal) that I still have is with the Yahoo map zimlet. If the address is formatted with multiple lines (ie - 1st line = street address, 2nd line = Town, State, Zip code) the zimlet doesn't appear to work (it did in ZCS 5.x). If the address uses only 1 line, then the zimlet functions properly. Again, this is not a big deal since I really like some of the new functionality with ZCS 6.x.

    Thanks to the Zimbra team for fixing the CPU issue with the zmlogger. I am very happy with the product.

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    same here, 6.0.2 + zmlogger has a bit higher load then 6.0.1 without zmlogger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosenbj View Post
    Monitorix - Monitorix Project by Jordi Sanfeliu (aka Mikaku)

    It does a lot more than CPU load (ie - Network, TCP Ports, Disk I/O, etc.). Graphs can be displayed as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. I was using SAR (with kSar GUI) but found this a lot more robust (and nicer looking graphs).

    Best regards,

    Hi! can you please tell us how did you configure the monitorix with apache ? I mean how did you get it through web brouser ?
    What should I do ? Step by step please...
    Thanx in Advance !!!

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