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Thread: Asking about Multi_Site with same domain name

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    Default Asking about Multi_Site with same domain name

    Hi zimbra expert,

    I'd like to ask one issue like this:

    I have one Zimbra Server to be configured at main office and working very very smooth with example domain: and now my company has established one more brand office, and we call main office is Site_A and this is Zimbra1, the other is Site_B and this is Zimbra2. Site_B also has the same domain name( I'd like to ask you: Can I setup Zimbra Server on separate sites with the same domain name, and all the e-mails will be out at Site_A(Zimbra1). And when all e-mails comming Zimbra1 from the internet(because I only have one static IP here) will be stored at Zimbra1 if account exist at Zimbra1 and all accounts is not exist at Zimbra1 to be delivered to Zimbra2 at Site_B.

    I really need this configuration, I'm running Zimbra Open Source, please try to help me this ASSP mate.

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    i explained a solutoin at the following link. i guess that is what you want too.

    i2k2 Networks
    Dedicated & Shared Zimbra Hosting Provider

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    Firstly, thank you for your help indeed, as you mentioned I have to configure 3 Zimbra Server the first one to be located at good connectivity (24/7), it's called MX. Two anothers one are Mailbox Servers locate at 2 offices, they're called MX1 & MX2 (is that right?). If it's right, please let me to wonder.

    The second point is the first server seem to be a frontend ?
    1/ If fisrt zimbra(MX) to be considered is a frontend, can I have mailbox to be located at this server?
    2/ When my users access their e-mail which webmail to be loaded, for your sulution I suppose their mailboxes to be loaded thru the VPN to MX1 or MX2

    In fact, I'm running Exchange Server if this is right, I think your solution is a very good one in Linux System.

    One more time, I'm very appreciate your helps

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