Dear All,
I am very new to zimbra , i have installed the open source version GA-6.0 on a new server.I have configured the zimbra successfully and the only probem is to restore the existing mail ID's and all their mail boxes to the new zimbra server.

The old setup is like this
all user authentication is through Open LDAP with the base DN
dc=example, dc=com
Now what i want that is i have taken the all account information in user.ldif file and want to restore the same in the newly configured server.
i have also taken the backup of mailbox and also wants to restore the mails to their respective mailbox.

If we got the desired then we will move to the NE edition of zimbra and will replace the existing mailing system.

currently we are having the openldap and postfix.
pls tell me the exact way to achieve the same.

Thanks in Advance