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Thread: Monitoring: no data available

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    Default Monitoring: no data available

    Upgraded from 5.0.18_GA_3011.RHEL5_20090707164432 CentOS5 FOSS edition to 6.0.0_GA_1802.RHEL5_20090830140212 CentOS5 FOSS edition yesterday.

    Went smooth exept for the statistics. When I click on the server name, Message Count, Message Volume and Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus reports no data available.
    When I click on Server Statistics, Message Count and Anti-Spam look more like a flat line.

    It feels very slow too. Why did Zimbra changed a good working monitoring system? On all my other servers, non-zimbra, the first thing I install is Munin. Easy to configure, very fast.

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