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Thread: cluster install problem

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    Default cluster install problem

    I have installd the Zimbra cluster with a 4 node configuration. One ldap node, one node for the MTA and two nodes for a failover mailstore. I have followed the instrucitons given in the "Zimbra Collaboration Suite Multi-Server Installation Guide". The Red Hat Cluster is configured per the documentation and is working with the exception of the fact that the Zimbra instance will not start. It gives the following error

    clurgmgrd[15067]:  start on script "zimbra" returned 1 (generic error)
    If anyone could direct me to the most efficent method to debug, and /or resolve this issue, it would be great.



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    Hi Ken,

    Please check the log files in /opt/zimbra/log/zimbra.log if you don't see anything obvious you may want to create a support ticket. Cluster installs can be tricky so the first time might help for one of our support folks to walk you through it.
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