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Thread: Success Installed on Mac Tiger but has hostname problem.

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    Default Success Installed on Mac Tiger but has hostname problem.

    Environment of my network.
    My company hosted website at hosting company.
    And inside company has;

    1. Windows 2003 is Domain Controller ,DHCP and DNS server. ABC.local(
    2.ABC.local has external domain - Home
    3. Exchange 2007 is in this DC.(
    4. Mac OS X Tiger Xserver is in difference location. Hostname is Zimbratest.local (
    On router, it set up to route between two this location. DNS is

    When I firstly installed Zimbra 6.01, it told me DNS couldn`t resolve Zimbratest.local
    So I went to Windows 2003 server and set DNS for Zimbratest.local.
    Now I can ping Zimbratest.ABC.local and it points to
    It seemed okay, because I could installed Zimbra.

    But problem is how to map Zimbratest.ABC.local to
    Do I need to set something at ISP?

    Sorry for my unclear explanation of problem. I am really new admin.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You need to be able to resolve the name of your server both internally and externally.

    You need to add a host record to the dns server for to point to your public IP and use port forwarding at the firewall to send port 25 traffic (and 443?) to the internal zimbra address. You will/may also need to set your internal DNS to point to the local IP address.

    This has been discussed a lot, so if you need more details, a search should yield good results.

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    Thank you very for good advice. I also think likes that.
    I will make Zimbra as a secondary mail server.

    More information, I will search in this forum.

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