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Thread: Fresh Install - Cant Login to Any New Accounts?

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    Default Fresh Install - Cant Login to Any New Accounts?

    I was having trouble sending mail on my first install due to DNS and MX issues since the server only has an internal, non-routable address. So I created a new Bind zone for the server, with mx records which point back to it and re-installed, and allowed the FQDN to be used as Once installed I logged in as admin and could now send mail just fine. I then created the new domain as and then created a couple of new accounts. No matter what I set as a password, in either account, I cant login from the main client gui and keep getting the message about invalid username oir password or caps lock is on (which it is not). I can click on "Read Email" from the admin interface for these accounts and they open fine. But I cant login to any of them from the standard user gui? This is bizzare cause this NEVER happened before and I could always login to new accounts?

    Any ideas?

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    Hope you supply full domain name with username in login ?

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