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Thread: zimbra opensource 6.x multiple computer setup

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    Question zimbra opensource 6.x multiple computer setup

    reading the documents i do not clearly understand the separation between the mailstore(messages) and the ajax interface frontend.
    I have a single server running everything on 5.x and would like to migrate to 6.x.
    however thinking about spreading the load on several servers i would like to ask if:
    a- can i install multiple frontends (the web part) that connect to the mailstore backend?
    b- the zimbra chat system...can i run it separate from the mailstore? for example on the frontends?

    the whole idea of this is to have the mysql part running on an existing powerful server dedicated to databases only. And to separate the web interface part into several less powerful servers (probably virtualized). And since we have an HTTP/S load balancer in our office, we can create a virtual balanced http/s service that points to the zimbra web interface servers. And...if the messenger service can be run in the web interface servers..will be a plus.



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    as it turns out I tried a zimbra 6.x opensource install, trying to separate the store from the web/tomcat interface. it failed horribly.
    So even when part of the documentation states that zimbra can run with "separate" components (ldap here, store there, etc), it is not entirely correct. Each store must run tomcat/apache.
    So it seems i wont be able to separate the sql system from the web system.

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    a-When you install store server,jetty( I think it's frontend like you called) is automatically installed
    b-it's automaticall installed, you can't seperately install it on an other server (I think it's in the core of zimbra)

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