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Thread: [SOLVED] Configure Bind (DynDNS)

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    Default [SOLVED] Configure Bind (DynDNS)


    I want to install ZC Version 6 on a Debian Lenny system for my home network.
    I have a dyndns domain. The server is placed behind the router.
    I installed bind9 on the server. But now I don't know how to configure the DNS correctly. In another thread I read something about "Split DNS". So I tried to configure it on the server but the directory "var/named" doesn't exist.

    What is the right way to set up the DNS correctly?

    Beside this question I would like to know if I have to install further software packages before starting with the installation of ZC 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjansen View Post
    What is the right way to set up the DNS correctly?
    That would depend on your distribution, I don't use Debian but you can check this page for details of where the files should be. You will need to modify those files in accordance with the SPlit DNS wiki article.


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    Thank you for your answer pheonix.

    The files are all placed in the /etc/bind directory.
    With the help of the syslog and the Split DNS wiki article I found at least all errors and the adress resulotion works now as expected.
    After I had some issues with the postfix server too I am quite glad that the server is running now.

    So now it's time to go to bed (I am from germany - I hope my english was acceptable - and it is 2:31 AM right now).

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