Last week I did a fressh Ubuntu 8.04 install so that I could setup and test Zimbra 6 opensource for our new email server. After some hiccups, I got everything installed and was able to send internal emails. I assumed the reason for no external was due to dns/mx issues. But now I am running into several other problems.

First, background. Our internal network domain name is different from that of the email domain name. This is due to an upcoming company name change and has to be this way. Our current mail server is running as such without issue.

We use a firewall on which the external IP is mapped to the internal ip of the mail server. As of Friday, the webmail was accessible from outside and inside, but still no external mail coming or going.

I am also having the following problems:

Do not remember setting a password for the "zimbra" user and cannot find a default one anywhere, so I cannot start, stop or restart the server using zmcontrol as in the install guide.

When accessing the admin console and clicking on server, I get an auth error as it tries to contact "zimbra@..."

And as of now...I can no longer access the admin console. I have rebooted the ubuntu server repeatedly hoping it would come back. Server can ping and be pinged and can reach the internet. Am assuming the Zimbra server is not starting for some reason.

Please help...if I can't get this working very quickly the powers that be will force me to choose another server.