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Thread: mysql.server and tomcat not running

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    Default mysql.server and tomcat not running

    So this is my situation. We're currently running Zimbra 4.5.9 on a Ubuntu server - everything works fine. We've made a copy of this server on a virtual machine for a co-location project. I cannot for the life of me get this thing running properly. When I try to start it the first time it says everything starts ok, I then run a zmcontrol status immediately afterward and it tells me that the mailbox is Stopped and right below it states: mysql.server is not running and tomcat is not running. I went rummaging through the mailbox.log and found this FATAL error: system - config initialization failed, and below that is a line stating a system failure: getting database_connection. So... can someone point me in the right direction of any type of config that would have to be changed due to migrating this over to a virtual box on a separate network? What i don't understand is how this would break just by making a virtual copy of the server.

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    Problem with DNS/hosts file?

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