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Thread: ZCS 6 (amavisd 2.6.3+ and DSPAM)

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    Default ZCS 6 (amavisd 2.6.3+ and DSPAM)

    I was trying to help a client upgrade their installation from 5.x to 6.x but ran into problems getting DSPAM working. After some digging, I found that Amavisd >2.6.3 changed how it handles anti-spam scanners. They've added an array of anti-spam scanners and Amavis::SpamControl::ExtProg module.

    I've added the following to the below the
    %%uncomment LOCAL:amavis_dspam_enabled%%$dspam = '/opt/zimbra/dspam/bin/dspam'; line.

    --- New configuration information ---
    @spam_scanners = (
    ['SpamAssassin', 'Amavis::SpamControl::SpamAssassin' ],

    %%uncomment LOCAL:amavis_dspam_enabled%% ['DSPAM', 'Amavis::SpamControl::ExtProg', $dspam,
    %%uncomment LOCAL:amavis_dspam_enabled%% [ qw(--stdout --classify --deliver=innocent,spam --mode=tum
    %%uncomment LOCAL:amavis_dspam_enabled%% --tokenizer=chained,noise --user), $daemon_user ],
    %%uncomment LOCAL:amavis_dspam_enabled%% # use option --feature instead of --tokenizer with dspam < 3.8.0
    %%uncomment LOCAL:amavis_dspam_enabled%% mail_body_size_limit => 64000, score_factor => 1,
    %%uncomment LOCAL:amavis_dspam_enabled%% ],

    --- End of configuration information ---

    I hope this helps others that may face the same problem.


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    Thanks for the update. Can you file a report in bugzilla for this problem (include fix), please search to see if it's already been filed.


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