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Thread: Zimbra + FC4 on old hardware

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    Red face Zimbra + FC4 on old hardware

    Currently I'm running Fedora core 4 on a Celeron 700mhz, 384mb ram, 120gb harddrive. Already aware running it on old hardware is already asking for trouble but I dont have much of a choice.

    Every time I try to run up the MTA service the computer lags and finaly freezes. Since I havent had any other issues running it on systems with higher specs i'd say its the hardware. I am setting up zimbra to support 5 users email through pop3.

    Perhaps someone would be kind enough to list a few detailed steps of settings I could disable to help make zimbra function on this hardware.

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    any specifics on the problem? what's in the logs?

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    You also may want to stop optional services like logger.
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