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Thread: Changing VMWare Appliance Host Name

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    Default Changing VMWare Appliance Host Name

    Hi -
    I have searched a couple of threads on this and getting conflicting info. The Wiki site has a short note NOT to try this, but there is no explanation. SO...

    Can someone tell me if it truly is possible to change the Zimbra VMWare Appliance host name? Does it really work, or am I just asking for trouble?

    Would appreciate any suggestions - nice work and great potential in the product!


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    We had an instance where someone ran the hostname command with the --help option and it ended up changing their machine name to --help.

    It's not that it's not reccommended, it's just that you shouldn't use it if you don't know how. You can find out how in the wiki....and i'm not sure there is any known issue with the VMWare appliance's just who ever edited the wiki said not to.

    Perhaps one of the more seasoned fellows can elaborate morer....but the command is zmhostname

    I would suggest reading the admin manual before even trying.

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    I think I got it...I followed the guidance off the Wiki and it seemed to work fine. Haven't "fully" tested it yet, but it seems to be going in the right direction. Just didn't want to waste a bunch of time if it didn't work right...

    Thanks - Headjoog

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