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Thread: Zimbra data - what to store where and how to do it

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    So let me get this right...
    A single-server Zimbra installation will have the following separate storage locations going on:
    - Logs
    - MySQL mailstore db
    - Message blobs
    - Backups in /opt/zimbra/backups
    Is there anything else I'm missing?

    I've read through this ( thread a few times and it seems Zimbra has some cool things with mail volumes which could help me out here.
    I could just set up a 2nd mail store just after installation so the 1st one dosen't really get used.
    Would that work?

    Just trying to get a handle on the best way for setting up the OpenVZ container.

    1) Bind mounting the RAID 1 array and changing all the storage locations of everything to point to that, with the container still living on the internal boot drive.

    2) Having the entire container file system reside on the RAID 1 array (changing only the backups to go to a different location)

    Any further comments/suggestions
    Cheers, B

    BTW: got to go RAID 1 as there aren't enough bays remaining in the backplane for RAID 5. Already got our shared files NAS system running with RAID 6 in 5 of the 8 available slots

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    > You don't need write performance for a mail server ( even for Zimbra ).

    what does this mean ? Every new mail arriving into the system does a multiple write operations. Its just illogical to say this.

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