Hi everyone

I'm planning a test installation of Zimbra in an OpenVZ container with a view to buying NE Pro for our 15 users in a few months.

I know Zimbra stores loads of data, but I'm trying to work out what to put where, and how to do it.
The container has exclusive access to 1TB RAID 1 (don't have enough spare bays in the backplane for RAID 10) and 30GB on the internal boot drive of the machine.
I'd like as much as possible to be stored on the RAID array because the 30GB internal boot drive isn't mirrored (yet)

From what I can work out there are at least 3 areas of data storage in Zimbra:
- mysql database
- binary blob attachment files
- logs
What else?

How do I go about changing what is stored where?
Is that something that should be configured at installation time?

Or should I just shove everything on the RAID 1 and be done with it?
Rather than stuff being stored in different places.

Cheers, B