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Thread: Can't upgrade beyond 5.0.16

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    Default Can't upgrade beyond 5.0.16

    Hello everyone,

    I was hoping for a little insight concerning my problems upgrade to 6.0.1. I've always had great success upgrading Zimbra and have upgraded to every stable version since ~4.5.

    When I heard about some of the security vulnerabilities in the versions <5.0.18, I decided to wait until 6.0 was released to upgrade. When I attempted to do so, I was unsuccessful. During the upgrade, LDAP is shutdown, but when it is restarted, it fails every time. I have also attempted different versions, 5.0.18 and .19 with the same results. I have a cold backup of the install, and restoring that backup and 'upgrading' to 5.0.16 is never an issue.

    If need be, I can setup a dev server to try and replicate the problem, but I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues. Early in the 5.0.x versions, I dabbled a little with integrating Samba into my setup, but removed, what I thought was, all the configuration that was added. I'm thinking that perhaps something I did in the past might be affecting my upgrades?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer me and I look forward to running the latest and greatest version of Zimbra.

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    Can you please post the error from your install.log?

    Without it, we will have no way of knowing what he problem is

    Good luck

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