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Thread: 6.0 is unbelievable slow

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    Question 6.0 is unbelievable slow

    Even with zmlogger disabled, Zimbra 6.0 and 6.0.1 are way slower than 5.0.x ever was.

    I'm running a small installation, about 6 concurrent users and 10Gig worth of mail. Scanning the INBOX with an IMAP client has become much, much slower that it was in 5.0.x. At the same time, memory utilization has gone up. 5.0.x used to run happily with 1G physical RAM, 6.0 seems to require at least 2G in our setup. The jetty java process alone takes 800MB.

    This all seems a bit excessive for a total of 10 mailboxes.

    Has anybody seen something similar?


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    Well according to the system requirements PDF you don't have enough RAM anyway for a Production server
    Minimum - 2 GB RAM
    Recommend minimum - 4 GB RAM

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    The logger in 6.0 is way different, and uses far less overhead.

    There are more features in 6.0, and these all get cached into the java virtual machine.

    If you want to reduce the amount of memory ZCS uses, try editing the java_heap size in zmlocalconfig. Of course, do so at your own peril. If Java doesn't get enough memory, it will die, resulting in web client, IMAP/POP3 disruption.

    Good luck

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