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Thread: Converting single machine setup to multiserver setup

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    Default Converting single machine setup to multiserver setup

    Hello there,

    I have been using Zimbra for some time already on a production server ( 5.0 and 6.0 ) using FOSS edition. For now it serves only a few accounts but i am planning on expanding the service to include more mail accounts and i started think about migrating from a single server setup to a multi-server setup. The server is setup up following the Quick Start guide from here : Documentation for the open source Zimbra Collaboration Suite; email, contacts, and group calendaring . Has anyone attempted adding additional mailbox/ldap/mta servers to such a setup and what steps did you take if you did ? Any info is appreciated.

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    I have moved from one server to a two server setup in the FOSS edition about a year ago, and it worked flawlessly. Just follow the multi-server steps step-by-step. I'd do one thing at a time: add an MTA first, then LDAP, etc., and make sure each one works as you go.

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